Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wes's response

Dear all,
Please find below our official response to an email that we are aware that was sent to many of you earlier today.

Best wishes, Wes

NUS President Wes Streeting said:

"Claiming that NUS' reform proposals should not be debated until an equality assessment is completed is a cynical political ploy, which has nothing to do with equality and diversity and everything to do with blocking changes which the majority of NUS members have been requesting for years. It is disappointing that some respected political figures have been misled about the intentions of these proposals.

"If the changes to NUS' constitution are passed next Tuesday, they would not be implemented until the summer, which gives plenty of time for an equality assessment to be completed and acted upon.

"The fact remains that the reform proposals actually double the number of dedicated Black Students' representatives on the NUS National Executive, and improve support for our Liberation campaigns. They would also give the Black Students Officer the opportunity to be elected to sit on the management committee of NUS for the first time."

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